Rich fields of Western Serbia provide ideal agroecological conditions for cultivation of excellent berry varieties.



Prijepolje, Zlatibor district

Prijepolje is a municipality and city in Zlatibor district in southwestern Serbia. The town of Prijepolje is located in the valley of the river Lim at an altitude of about 450 meters, surrounded by mountains Zlatar and Jadovnik.

Raspberry cultivation is the most widespread agricultural activity in this area and production is traditionally characterized by competence and high investments.

The areas with an altitude of 300 to 500m are perfect for the intensive production of blackberries and raspberries. The temperate continental climate, which benefits the development of agricultural crops, persists due to the good geographic location of the area, which is evenly separated from the Adriatic Sea and the Pannonian lowlands and surrounded by high mountain massifs.

Loznica, Mačva district

Loznica is a municipality and town in Mačva district in Western Serbia. The town of Loznica is located at an altitude of 142 meters. The highest peak in the village is the mountain Gučevo, which reaches a height of 770 meters.

The temperate continental climate, light wind, mostly sunny weather and abundant water resources of this area are very well suited for the cultivation of fruits and other crops.

In addition, the soil properties are optimal and there are no major polluters nearby. The fertile soil of this area gives more than 100,000 tons of fruit every year.

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