About Us

We are a young motivated company that has been engaged in manufacturing, processing and exporting of high quality frozen foods since 2015. Our office is located in Loznica, Serbia.

Our values

Due to the very fertile Serbian soil, we can assure premium quality products. We carefully take the best raw materials and treat them in modernly equipped facilities to bring products of recognisable quality to the market.

All the fruit growers we work with use pesticides and fertilizers from our pharmacies and adhere to our conservation and fertilization program. In addition, our agricultural expert regularly visits the fields and provides advice. In this way, we can control the production in all phases and ensure hygienic and microbiological safety of the products.

The fruits are harvested when their quality meets our standards. Immediately after the harvest, the berries are cooled so that no properties and nutritional values get lost. With capacities of 50 tons in the pre-cooling and 1,500 tons in the storage chambers, we are able to respond to all the needs of our customers.

Finished products are completely traceable - at any time we can determine what farm they come from.

Our goals

In the following years we aim to increase production and constantly improve quality. To do so, we are continuously working on following milestones:

⦁    Expanding cooperation with farmers
⦁    Initiating our own berry cultivation
⦁    Organic certification
⦁    Global GAP certification
⦁    Continued modernisation of production
⦁    Expanding production and processing capacities
⦁    Development of our own brand
⦁    Initiating the production plant for heat treatment and jam production

Premium quality
from the heart of nature